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What are the Main Barriers to Mental Healthcare in the US

The US is one of the many countries where access to mental healthcare is limited at best. Alternative Therapy LLC makes professional counseling a tad more accessible by charging uninsured patients $300 for four prepaid sessions. The rest can click here to see what's covered in their insurance.

However, this doesn't change the fact that more than half of the American population is deprived of mental healthcare due to the following barriers.

A Lack of Financial Resources

While the Affordable Care Act has improved access to mental and behavioral healthcare services, it still falls short by not seeing behavioral mental health concerns as time-sensitive and deserving immediate and constant care as physical health concerns.

The lack of financial resources encompasses insured and uninsured individuals. For instance, the annual cost of counseling services may set an insured patient with depression back by an average of $10,836.

Mental Health Professional Shortage Areas

There are over 6,464 Mental Health Professional Shortage Areas or HPSAs in the US, and they are home to more than 15 million residents. These areas have earned this designation due to a much steeper lack of access to mental healthcare therapists than other areas.

Living in a rural, small town is in and of itself a mental healthcare barrier because chances are the nearest clinic will be miles away, and it would have a long waiting list.

Little to No Awareness of Potential Symptoms

The first step to seeking help is to admit that you have a mental health problem. People are often unaware that their problems are caused by a mental illness, especially when it starts showing physical symptoms.

For instance, we must know that prolonged idleness and fatigue are signs of depression, just as well as we know that coughing and fever are signs of a cold.

Unfortunately, most people ignore the warning signs of a mental illness and don't seek treatment until they notice advanced symptoms.

Prevailing Social Stigmas

A worldwide pandemic wasn't enough to clarify that we're all on equal footing regarding mental health because many people still hold a negative view of those with a mental illness.

Holding such views does no good to anyone; many patients come to us after resisting treatment for as long as possible due to their internal stigmas. While this barrier won't go away overnight, you must know it's in your best interest to seek help as soon as possible.

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