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There are very few things in life that are more important than working on yourself and here, at Alternative Therapy LLC., we want to help you create a healthy and solid foundation so you can be happy with who you are and learn how to deal with the problems that might be stalking you often enough that they are becoming a hindrance to your growth and development. You don’t have to fight these problems alone and we are here to provide you with the counseling therapy and support your need to start moving forward!

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What We Can Help With:

  • Stressful situations
  • Loss
  • Self-esteem problems
  • Major life decisions
  • Past traumas
  • And more!
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Full Confidentiality

You Don’t Have To Battle Your Problems Alone!

Life is messy and complex. Don’t travel it alone. At Alternative Therapy LLC, we provide compassionate guidance and support to individuals throughout Hamden, Connecticut. We’re rooted in more than 20 years of experience, and we’re known for our nuanced, insightful services. Whether you need a helping hand during a crisis or a listening ear, you’ll find a caring ally at Alternative Therapy LLC.


Therapy as an Important Activity in Your Life!

Many people have the misconception that engaging in therapy to deal with everyday problems and past traumas is a sign of a weak mind — that’s very far from the truth.

Acknowledging the need of a therapist or seeking counsel is something completely normal and it can become the precursor to rising above problems we are not even aware of. Don’t let these misconceptions make you shy away from seeking the help that you need, the friendly experts at Alternative Therapy are here for you!

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Individual Counseling Services at Your Service

Therapist-client confidentiality is everything in the mental health field, especially when the client seeking therapy wants a one-on-one rather than a group session. Alternative Therapy LLC respects your privacy during trying times. Find the support you require and the growth you hope to achievethrough our individual counseling services in Connecticut.

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Our Individual Therapy Services

For more than 15 years, our team of highly trained therapists has nurtured a safe, caring environment where individuals of all ages can share, learn, and grow. Our primary approach is cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. This powerful, evidence-based form of therapy helps clients remedy thought patterns, leverage problem-solving skills, and connect more constructively with others. As a treatment, CBT has proven to be effective at alleviating depression, anxiety, eating disorders, marital problems, substance abuse problems, and severe mental illnesses. Under our care, CBT will be customized to you in every way, empowering you to transform your life.

We also offer hypnotherapy as an option. When provided by long-time experts like ours, it can be very effective at reprogramming the subconscious mind for the better.

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The very act of considering therapy is a big one, even if you’ve done it before. We genuinely value the effort and determination it often takes to reach out for help, and you can depend on us to go the extra mile for you. Let us show you that thriving is possible. Connect with us today.

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